Thursday, July 31, 2014

Events: Romance on the Piazza Nights at Terra Lascivus With Live Singers

This information comes from Crito Galtier:

Terra Lascivus Gay Resort brings you a very different experience: Romance on the Piazza with live singers under the starry skies! Have a glass of wine and get romantic with someone special as you dance to some of Second Life’s greatest singers on a Roman piazza!

Samm Qendra – Aug 1, 7 PM

Antonio Galloway – Aug 8, 6 PM

Tamra Hayden – Aug 15, 7 PM

Antonio Galloway – Aug 22, 7 PM

Samm Qendra – Aug 29, 7 PM

And more each Friday at 7 PM!

Don’t miss this very special event!

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Great Second Life Destatinations: Dawn of Radiance Summer Edition

Second Life residents who love beautiful inworld locations were quite saddened when Silvermoon Fairey recently announced that she would be closing her beautiful Dawn of Radiance sim in May 2014. This was a favorite location of photographer, bloggers, and everyone who loves gorgeous natural destinations.

Silvermoon has been able to reopen Dawn of Radiance due to an unexpected and generous gift which you can read about over at her Flickr page.   The new location is similar to past iterations, most notably the Spring 2014 version which I photographed in April-  but different. I found the new setting to be more outwards facing and more conscious of it's coastal setting. I highly recommend you visit whether for a first time, or to say hello to an old destination which you thought was lost but is now back.

To visit:


To see Silvermoon's announcement of the new location on Flickr:

To see my coverage of Dawn of Radiance in April 2014 before the closure and move to a new location in a gentle salmon-colored light:

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Ocean Waves Sing a Lullabye at the Sounds of Silence

I am not sure what it was about the Sound of Silence that I found so restful and relaxing. The gentle ocean waves left a hypnotic rhythm on the cost -- where just a hint of morning fog remained. The plant and animal life were in harmony with this gorgeous natural setting. Whatever it was, The Sounds of Silence has to be one of the most enchanting destinations ever in Second Life, and is highly recommended for a visit. Please be aware that this is a residential homestead and respect the privacy of the inhabitants.

To visit:

To see more blog coverage of this destination over at The World of Yana:

Club Photography From NakedCarl's Blog: The Manhole at Gay Fun World on Monday Night - The Bare as You Dare Party

With DJ Sasch Petrov and Host Avacar Bluestar

There are many hot photos from this event over at NakedCarl's blog that I cannot run here because this blog does not have a mature rating.  You can find them here (viewers 18 and over please, adult rated material).

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Ocean Pointe Region- Canada In Second Life

Ocean Pointe is a multi-sim region which depicts a waterfront town in Canada, either on one of the Great Lakes or the Atlantic or Pacific Seaboards. There is much to see here are great detail; in addition several nice houses on lush landscaped plots are available for rental -- I show two large houses here. I was very impressed with the "touches" in Ocean Pointe such as the Canadian Rock n Roll Museum with the giant guitar outside, and the old fashioned interior of the store for Sam the Record Man which was a fixture in Canada a generation ago.

My only suggestion to the owners is that they do something about making the sign textures more realistic by weathering them and perhaps making them smaller -- better signage would make a good destination even better. I enjoyed my visit and look forward to going back, especially in a few weeks when the fall foliage comes out. I highly recommend you visit this great addition to Second Life.

SLurl to front of Rock and Roll Museum (last photo in group):



Ocean Pointe Resident Photography on Flickr: