Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Sim Design as Impressionist Canvas at Delightful Making Memories

Claudia74a Orsini's Making Memories, home of the Orsini Fashion Store (for ladies) is a great place to hang out, relax, and simply enjoy some of the best sim design ever in Second Life. The flowers, plantings, beach design, and structural placements are perfect -- in fact I found myself coming back here frequently to simply "take in the air". What I like most is the use of a huge amount of color in the plantings and decor. The entire effect reminds me of a vibrant impressionistic painting with huge splashes of color with the sim as a canvas. This is a delightful destination and one that I highly recommend that you visit.

I used Windlight Sky Setting Bree's Appleblossom in these photographs.

To visit:


I reviewed this destination here in April as the Millhouse Cafe. You can see how the destination has changed:

Goodnight Photography has a review and more photography here:

Claudia Orsini has photographed Making Memories over at her blog:

Cladia's Flickr stream can be viewed at:


The interior of the beach cafe above can be seen below. It is open for visiting.


Model Cort Parkin can be seen in the photo above and the beach photographs below.


The Orsini  Fashion Store is located on the sim near the landing area:


Sim designer and owner Claudia74a Orsini poses with Eddi Haskell. A standard Midday Windlight Sky Setting was used in these images.


On an interesting note: Way back in 2008 and 2009 I had a house on this exact parcel. You can photographs that I took from this location over 5 years ago below.  My photography has become much more muted over the years.

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