Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Mimikri- A Delightful Retail Sim Set in the Mediterranean

Mimikri is a ladies fashion retail sim that advertises itself as "Sexy and Unique High - Quality Fashion". Since I know absolutely nothing about ladies fashion I can't comment much on this. What I can tell you is that is a delightful, Mediterranean -themed sim, reminiscent of Corfu in Greece. The placement of everything is so natural -- with little repetition -- that I found myself spending quite a bit of time just enjoying the atmosphere.

You can visit Mimikri here:

I took these images using Windlight Sky Setting: Barc's Afternoon. I like the bright and natural lighting effect with slight aqua overtones reminiscent of coastal skies.

You can download all of Barcelona's Windlight Settings here:

You can see some great photography from this destination at these blogs"


Honour McMillan

Ryce relaxing at Mimikri Beach

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  1. I love "The Great Destinations" series that you do. I download them and from time to time make one of them my screen background. These are beautiful


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