Sunday, June 1, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Downtown Revisioned at Imagination Estates

Imagination Estates is the home of  Cindy and Warren Ochs ImagineNations Photo Gallery and Studios. It is a well designed urban environment and a great place to walk around and hang out on a relaxing afternoon.
One thing that impressed me about this sim was the economical use of prims. At times I found it hard to believe that I was on a homestead sim and not a full sim with 4x the prim count. Several stores were available for rent on the destination. I especially liked the "touches" such as the three-dimensional sculptural sign below.

I took all images using Windlight Sky Setting "SS Atmospheric 15:00  Cloudy 2" and applied a slight lomo effect at 25%.

Recommended for a visit, particularly if you want to see the full retail potential for a homestead sim:

To see Honour McMillan's review and excellent photography of the destination:

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