Sunday, June 22, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installations: Cherry Manga's Faith - The World Religions Unified In a Mysterious Golden Light

Faith is a gorgeous art installation by Cherry Manga and the mysterious wave team. Cherry is one of the most renowned multimedia artists in Second Life, and she continues her reputation for thought-provoking virtual art with this exhibit.  Faith takes symbols from major world religions and integrates them in a surrealistic whole unified  in a mysterious  golden light. The exhibit is well worth a visit.

Cherry writes the following about the exhibit:

The Faith symbolizes all religions. See the as splendor, luxury, gilt and light evokes both the spiritual and political power of religions. Everyone will feel the exposure according to their own sensitivity. Will you be inundated with positive spirituality or be blinded by the opulence?

Credit for the terraforming and ground circles goes to Anley Piers.

I took all images using the recommended light setting for the sim.

Faith is a Second Life Destination Guide Editor's Pick for June 2014.

To visit:


Ziki Questi has a good review of Faith over at her blog including an interview with Cherry Manga:

Mysterious Wave maintains a very interesting store above the sim that sells art, fashion, furniture, and other well designed items at competitive prices. You can visit it here:

I was very impressed with Insanity, another installation by Cherry Manage which was up through Mid-May 2014. You can see my review and photography here:

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