Sunday, June 15, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installations: Sokide Auer's Timewalkers at LEA 15 Is a Psychedelic Not-To-Be-Missed Extravaganza

I love well done rides in Second Life -- whether or not they are done on virtual trains, balloons, or flying futuristic space-cabs.  Sokide Auer's Timewalkers is the most memorable one in this genre that I have been on in Second Life. I can only say wow!  The Psychedelic colors and shapes across the journey are true art, the music and ambiance makes this a must-see destination.

Make sure to visit through the end of June 2014, I am not sure how long after this will remain up.  You will enter Camera Mouselook as soon as you enter a cab that should be waiting for you at the arrival area. I shot these images outside of the recommended camera setting. There is a HUD available at the entrance area which I did not wear for these images.



The Time Walkers is currently an editor's pick over at the Second Life Destination Guide (as of the time of the writing of this post):

These sites offer excellent photography and write-ups of the exhibit:

Inara Pey's Review:

Honour McMillans's Review over at LEA:

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