Thursday, June 5, 2014

Great Second Life Art Exhbitis: Become Part of Alpha Auer's Gorgeous Art Installation

Alpha Auer does amazing work by creating remarkable avatars, and amazing spaces to house them.  The settings for his avatars at his main Alphatribe store are some of the best examples of interacive virtual design ever done in Second Life. He continues his winning streak with his recent installation, Transit't - Imago Anatopism, The Hero's Journey at LEA 12, where he is the main artist.

The project tells the tale of Volund, a nordic and elf, a symbol following Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces. Volund undergoes many persona changes during his travels in which he encounters several others that shape and transform him as he enters 12 stages along his journey.

You participate in the journey by becoming Volund. An avatar is given to you in 12 stages, complete with posting animation.  You interact with 12 gorgeous levels of the art installation, which have golden themes, then blue themes as you descend to different levels of the exhibit by walking long ramps or flying to different levels, and finally elevate back to the higher golden sun-drenched level.  You are a winged avatar with spears and weapons at the end of the journey. You can see Ryce transformed into the winged avatar in the last slide shown below

This is a must-see art installation and highly recommended for a visit.

Transit Starting Point


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Ryce transformed into Volund (on the right) in the entrance to the exhibit

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