Monday, June 30, 2014

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Dakota Jax

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Up-and-Coming Country Western Star Steve Grand

Information taken from Wikipedia and other web sources:

24-year old Steve Grand, a Chicago native, initially gained fame as a hot underwear model, modeling under the names of Steve Chatham and Finn Diesel. He appeared on the cover of hot Aussie beefcake magazine DNA, and several underwear sits.

Everything changed for Steve in July 2013 when his self-funded music video, “All-American Boy,” posted to YouTube. It went viral instantly, accumulating more than 1.5 million views in the first two weeks, and more than 3 million today. Within days, Steve landed on “Good Morning America,” CNN and other national media -- hailed as a “viral sensation” and one of America’s “first openly gay country stars.” Buzzfeed ranked the video on its list of the “24 Most Brilliant Music Videos from 2013,” and Out magazine named Grand to its annual “OUT 100” list of the year’s most compelling LGBT people.

The song, set against a backdrop of country roads, an American flag, and friends around a campfire, struck a chord because it simply, beautifully tells the story of unrequited love between two men. Recently Steve released his second single, Stay. Steve has produced a substantial catalog of compositions and recordings, some of which he plans to release in 2014 on his first full-length album.


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All -American Boy:  Steve's Breakout Hit

Steve's Second Hit: Stay

From Ziggy Starsmith's Blog: Second Pride 2014: Best Pride Ever...The End Party

Head over to Ziggy's blog for more coverage of the packed closing party.


Other Sunday Pride Coverage

NakedCarl Photographs the Hawker House afternoon party.  Head over to his blog for more photography.


Also head over to Bock McMillan's blog to see him hugged by and hugging fun Pride attendees - for the 10th consecutive day!

Real Life Photo: Second Life DJ InsyX at New York Pride on Sunday

InsyX is the fourth over from the left.

The Empire State Building was wearing it's pride colors on Saturday Night to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Stonewall.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Second Life Photo of the Day: Bauhaus Chairs

With Oil Painting Effect

Great Second Life Destinations: Wildlife Abounds at African Safari

African Safari is a very fun destination with groups of all sorts of wild animals, some stationary and some not, which are dispersed around a hilly African landscape. Although some of the natural details may be imaginative (there are no fields of wild daisies in the Serengeti, for example), this is a fun sim to visit and photograph. You can rent rooms in the hillside lodge, visit treetop lodges, and dance in a native village in addition to seeing magnificent wild animals in their native habitat. I highly recommend that you visit.

I used Windlight Sky Setting Places - Bentham to take these images. I applies a slight lomo effect to bring out the three dimensional lighting aspect in each.


To see some very good photography from African Safari head over to "Walker Dreams:"