Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Second Life Product Reviews: Asterion Coen's Massive Nuclear Subs Are Second Life's Best

Oscar II Class
Asterion Coen makes very realistic looking items, including aircraft, ships, tanks, trains, and amazing  life-sized nuclear submarines of the navies of the USA and Russia.I came across them last December at an exhibit at Linden Endowment for the Arts and put the photographs aside for a later review.

These monstrous weapons can destroy the world many times over with their massive nuclear missile payloads and may just be the item for you if you want to role play some psychotic submarine commander sailing under the Blake Sea who is threatening to blow up a Second Life continent.

USS Los Angeles Class
These submarines are very well made, and the best of their kind in Second Life.

You can catch Asterion's Second Life Marketplace store here:

You can see his Flickr stream here:

Borei Class
All submarines  are  $3,680 Linden.

Some are scripted and can be driven underwater, and some are for display only -- check the specific listings for details below.

These are large vessels, the Typhoon Class, famous from the film The Hunt for Red October, is the largest at 180 meters long.

Small display models are available for $550 Linden.

Typhoon Class

Specific Listings:

Russian Project 877 - Kilo Class (not nuclear):

Russian Attack Submarine Akula II

Russia-Project 955-Borei

Russian Typhoon Class

Submarine Russian OSCAR II Class

US Virginia Class

US Los Angeles Class

US Ohio Class

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  1. Hello, I just discovered that article. Im glad you appreciated my little submarines. Thx :)

    Asterion Coen


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