Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Surrealistic Black and White World of Alphatribe Avatars

Alpha Auger's Alphatribe sells some very unusual looking avatars -- but more importantly has one of the best installations of surrealistic looking art in Second Life. The chromatic theme is black and white with an impactful splash of occasional color. You  teleport to several destinations, all selling a unique cyber-themed avatar with a related exhibit, some of which make immediate sense.  I especially liked the level with sculpted cattle. Highly recommended for a visit -- and one of the coolest art-themed sims in Second Life.

To visit:

Sim Notecard Description:

alpha.tribe is an experiment in creating creative multiple identities (all belonging to one human) that has, in time, turned into a virtual fashion store for avatars. Since its founding in 2008, alpha.tribe has specialized in creating full, mostly unisex, avatars that are based upon play and fantasy. The collection currently boost over 80 full avatars that come complete with male/female skins, garments and all attachments, including headwear and shoes.

Alpha Auger is also a major contributing artist to one of the best Art Exhibits ever in Second Life on the Russian Avant Garde's Golden Age being held right now at the Linden Endowment for the Arts. You can find my photographs of some of his avatars, and read more about this exhibit here:


View Alphatribe avatar images:

View the collection of Alphatribe avatars on the  SL marketplace:

Alphatribe Facebook Page:

To see my review of Blueprint City, a concurrent art exhibit at Alphatribe:

To see Honour McMillan' Review and Photography:

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