Saturday, May 31, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Terra Lascivus Gay Resort Sets a New Standard for Roman-Themed Virtualization

Crito Galitier's Terra Lascivus took my breath away this week when I saw the entire layout and architecture of the two connected Roman themed sims. This is one of the most gorgeous destinations in Second Life, and a standout in the Classical Age/ Roman Category. The long fountains, columned structures, and rich Mediterranean plantings all work well together.  Armana Designs is credited with designing some of the best architectural constructions I have ever seen of any kind in Second Life. The use of texture, color, and complimentary plantings are in a class of their own. I highly recommend you visit.

A Tea Dance is set for 12:00 Noon today, Saturday May 31, with DJ West Spengler. Check the events for upcoming parties here:

Here is the SLurl to central landing area- you will need to teleport down:

Filipa Thespian has produced this very well done machinima showing more of Terra Lascivus:


  1. Thanks Eddie for the great review! You did a great job capturing Terra Lascivus! Awesome photography! Thank you!


  2. Awesome review guys!!


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