Sunday, May 18, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Post-Apocalyptic Vision of The Junkyard at The Wastelands Is Mesmerizing

The 10--region Wastelands is the oldest and largest Post-Apocalyptic community in Second life. The Wastelands came into existence in January 2007, and sustains itself through a community of roleplayers and residents who have created over 95% of the impressive content. I explored the realistic Junkyard sim on Friday and met a community of female residents who were added much to the survivalist atmosphere. This is a very cool destination and well worth a visit even if you have been there before.

I took the three lower images using the following Windlight settings:

Sky:   Euphoria-  Low Saturation Dull Deposit
Water:  Phototools- Breakwave Building Water

To visit the Junkyards at the Wastelands:


To find out more about The Wasterlands:

You can buy land in the Wastelands and live in the 10-sim roleplaying community. Check out the landstore for more information.


There is a store on site, Flit Ink,  that sells body art and other things for role playing, and that proper post-apocalyptic look.

For more information on Flit Ink:

To visit Flit Ink:

Items are also on sale at the Marketplace:

Wastelands roleplayers -- all female -- who I met on my visit
 From the left: Bridget Boissel, Emmy, Flit Ulrik, and Scarlet Dawning

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