Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Missing Mile, A Very Creepy Destination Served Up With A Great Deal of Wit

I loved Missing Mile. It has to be one of the most fun Second Life destinations to visit. It is not only very well done in a dark, urban grunge way -- it is highly witty and amusing also. Just check out the sign below that should have read "Hotel Coral Essex" if all the letters remained lit. Other parts of the Soap (and neighboring Paper) sims also make use of mannequins thrown about in living -- or dead-- positions, adding to the gruesome atmosphere. I found the signs and textures used to be some of the and most realistic, in Second Life.

All photography was taken with the actual Windlight Sky and Watesr setting used on the sim. I photographed these images in Ultra graphics; some of the "darkness" in the photographs can be explained by shadow effects.

To visit (note: some of these photographs were taken at the adjacent Paper sim which can be visited if you walk through the train tunnel near the arrival area, just follow the train tracks).  Highly recommended.



Web Site:


To see more blog coverage and photography:


The sim says that the books of  Poppy Z Brite served as an inspiration. Web site:


Images below are from the adjacent Paper sim which bills itself as "a dark urban trailer park".

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