Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Enjoy Life at Take a Time Out, A Very Relaxing Destination

Some Second Life destinations ask that the visitor think about the artists vision behind installed art. Others are retail in nature. "Take a Time Out" a new destination that is becoming a bit rare in Second Life -- a pretty island with attractions including an Irish pub, beach, light house, and central town square that is all about relaxing and socializing. It is very well done, with pretty plantings and rock formations which offer surprises at every turn. There is even a haunted house up on a hill in case you want Halloween to come early. This is a very pretty destination and one that I recommend you visit, especially if you need to slow down a busy Second Life lifestyle.

I took these images with the following Windlight settings:
Sky:  (TOR) Midday - Nostalgika
Water: Phototools- Chandra Sea

Take a time out is an editor's choice in the Second Life Destination Guide for May 2014.

To visit:


Web Site:

A good review and some excellent photography can be found at Gridslife.com:

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  1. I am there now and been exploring for awhile. Very nice place and good find Eddz ;-)


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