Thursday, May 22, 2014

Great Second Life Desitnations: The Perfect Balance of Zen Creations

Zen Creations works so well as a destination. You arrive in the center of a well-done modern store in simple, neutral colors.  This serves as a great entrance to the realistic urban center above, and the fantasy-like houses that surround it down to the water settings. Many of the houses and apartments are available for rental -- although occupancy rates on the island seem high since this is such a well designed environment. Nothing is boring, and unexpected turns, such a a very good modern gallery in a run-down warehouse, delight the explorer. This destination shows that combination retail/residential sims do not have to be boring or monotonous. Highly recommended for a visit.

I used Windlight Sky Setting "Places Wiccan" and Water Setting "Phototools-Chandra Sea" in these images.

To visit:

To see some very well done blog coverage of this destination:

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