Thursday, May 8, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installation: The Stormy Dark Night at H220 Will Chill Your Bones Life No Other

H220 is a dark, cold, and very rainy water sim created by Squonk Levenque and Miuccia Klaar. It is similar to -- but darker and more mysterious-- than a similar art installation last year by Squonk Levenque - 2304 Rain. You can feel the chill in your bones as you watch the water pout down outside the lighthouse where you arrive -- after you push yourself through a pipe teleport high up in the sky. Lightning flashes in this winter storm, lighting the statue of the Golem in the water, and its owner who is contemplating bringing it back to life.

I created my own lighting effects, first emphasizing a purple tone (above) , and them emphasizing a dark blue green hue in the photos and GIF animations below.  The Windlight Water setting that I used was "Glassy".

To visit:

To see my photography from 2304 Rain, a similar 2013 art installation by Squonk Levenque:

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