Friday, May 16, 2014

Great Second Life Art Exhibits: Catch Cyber Orthdox at LEA Before It Closes This Month

According to artist  Igor Ballyhoo,  Cyber Orthodox makes a deep statement about self and orthodoxy (or something to this effect). I thought it was a great art exhibit, with gorgeous forms from the Russian Orthodox Church and Czarist Russia-- such as the Imperial Eagle shown below-  superimposed in a cyber industrial setting. I especially like the way the art animates and moves, and interacts with each other which you can see in the animated GIFs below. This is a gorgeous art exhibit that is worth exploring and well worth a visit.

Cyber Orthodox can be visited through May 2014 at the following location:


To see more photography and learn more about Cyber Orthox:

Linden Endowment for the Arts Web Site:

Inara Pey's Blog:

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