Thursday, May 15, 2014 is the Easiest Way to Create Animated GIFs yet

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I like animated GIFs.  They are, essentially, small movies that are assembled from consecutive still image frames of the same size, and opened with a standard HTML web browser.

You can make animated with stand-alone software on your computer, or at web-based sites that do everything for you online. is an example of an online service, and is the easiest one I have found. Unlike some other services, no registration is required. The service is free and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.  The only thing you need is a Web browser with flash player installed. also has the ability to resize and split existing GIFs into individual frames.

It is easy to make an animated GIF.  First, have a series of images that are exactly the same size that you want to automate. See the images of Ryce Skytower below for an example.

Then move these (you can do this in bulk) into the editing window shown above.

You may want to resize your GIF images.  I recommend sizes under 800 pixels on either side. They do not have to be square. You can use the control shown above to resize your images. Remember, the smaller the size, the less stress on browser speed and resources.

You can then set the speed of the animation.   I find that many GIFs are way too fast. Move the blue lever above -- you can also preview the GIF before you save it.

My 10 still image frames that I used to create the animated GIF of Ryce Skytower dancing at Spurt Beach last night are shown below, together with the final animated GIF.

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