Saturday, April 5, 2014

Visit The Great Petrovsky Flux While You Can- It Will Soon Be Gone. See Animations Here-

As I reported here last week, the great Petrovsky Flux will be closing unless more funding is found. The Flux moves and seems alive, The three GIF animations below were photographed over a 10 minute period. They show how the different elements of the Flux form random organic structures at a fast speed-- and then deconstruct once a critical mass is reached.

I took these images with the recommended light setting for the sim and did no processing other than the construction of the GIF animations themselves (Courtesy of Google Picasa).

Make sure to visit if you have never seen the Flux here:


Several well-known bloggers have written posts about the Flux in recent days:

Inara Pey:

Nalates Uriah:


Ziki Questi:

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