Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ryce Meets Ziki Questi and Kinnaird Fachira at Twilight's Edge

Ryce met two very talented Second Life artists at Twilight's Edge on Wednesday night, blogger Ziki Questi (to Ryce's left), and photographer Kinnaird Fachira to the right.

It was a good coincidence, since they enjoyed talking about art in Second Life and, more importantly, how bloggers can help save great Second Life art installations like the Petrovsky Flux, which Ziki was instrumental in doing.

You can find Ziki's blog, which covers Second Life art and travel here:

You can find Kinnaird's (she is also known as Kinn) here:

You can visit the art installation at Twilight's Edge here.  There is a nice underwater garden at this location for mermaids and mermen to visit.  I plan to do a full review of this destination in a few days.

Photo by Kinnaird Fachira

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