Sunday, April 6, 2014

Romantic Second Life Destinations: Benja and Ryce Dine at the Romantic Terrace Lounge and Grill. Make Your Reservations Now.

Image courtesy of the Terrance Lounge and Grill
I will begin this post by saying that the concept of an "virtual" restaurant in Second Life was one that I was initially skeptical about. I enjoy eating in real life, and the thought of sitting down virtually to a beautiful meal always struck me as a bit of torture, especially if real life dinner that night was a Big Mac -- or even worst, my mom's meatloaf surprise (don't ask!).

I was proven wrong on Saturday Night at the Terrace Lounge and Grill. I had one of the most intensely romantic nights ever in Second Life with my partner,  Benja Aquila. Not only that, and I do not know how, I could actually smell and taste the wonderful 4-course meal prepared by proprietors Jewell Munro and Jorden Andrew, our charming chef and waiter and hosts for the evening.  Jorden is also a DJ and can play the music of your choice throughout the dinner by arrangement.

Images Courtesy of the Terrace Lounge and Grill
Benja and I were looking for a romantic and private place to celebrate our first year as a married couple in Second Life together; we were married outside the Rose Theater on Angel Manor on March 23 of last year. We wanted to spent our magical evening together in style. We found what were looking for at the Terrace Lounge, and fell madly in love all over again over the course of a the dinner.

I cannot explain the why or how a virtual meal can be so rewarding, and a highlight of my experience in Second Life. Benja and I have always talked about dining together in some of the world's greatest restaurants in his native Catalonia -- a region of an nation within Spain  that includes Barcelona, and is noted for its delicious culinary traditions. We were able to experience a realistic virtualization of what that experience might be like at The Terrace, once we are able to hook up in Benja's beautiful native land.

Images Courtesy of the Terrace Lounge and Grill

I highly recommend you and your significant other book a reservation in this gorgeous destination and rekindle or start afresh a love affair in Second Life. The Terrace Lounge offers a a truly delicious  experience, and one that you will remember for a long time.

Booking information:

The Terrace Lounge is open Monday through Sunday by appointment only.

Please IM Jorden Andrew inworld for reservations

For more information on the Terrace Lounge and Grill, including menu and prices:

Jewell Munro see that Benja and Ryce are comfortably seated

Jorden Andrew serves sushi, the appetizer

Ryce and Benja dine on their starter salad

Ryce and Benja dine on their main course of lamb

 From the Left: Benja & Ryce Aquila-Skytower
Terrace Lounge  Proprietors Jewell Munro & Jorden Andrew

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