Saturday, April 19, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installations: Maya Paris'es Sauce Is Over the Top Interactive Fun

Maya Paris'es "Sauce" is great fun and an interactive wonder. You teleport between different levels -- the red telephone booths are the teleports. I did not reach the final sea-side on my first trip, but am sharing these photographs with you.

Ryce went in his tux - you can check him out in four animated Gifs in these photographs - he especially liked the electric see-saw device and plans to revisit it with his partner Benja.
This is a very interactive exhibit, highly recommended, and great fun.

All photography was taken with Strawberry Singh's Closeup Windlight Sky Setting. Any bright setting will work well and highlight the dark indoor spaces for photography.

To Visit:


To see a great review and photography head over to Kara's Korner:

To see Honour McMillen's Review:

To find our more about Linden Endowment of the Arts:

Instructions for visiting from Maya's note card:

1- you'll need your computer sound volume turned ON
2-particles enabled (they are on by default)
3- your AO turned OFF

Keep Clicking on things and don't stop until you get to the Seaside

The red Phone boxes are your way around

If you hit a wall, click the fish until it falls.

AND if it comes after you, run at it until it Explodes

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