Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installations: The Zen-Like Simplicity of Starfall- Part 1

Twilight at Starfal

The Starfall art installation has four components.  I review the first two components, a harmonious ground level landscape and lush underwater garden today.  The other two components, two gorgeous high-altitude fantasies which are located in spheres will be reviewed here tomorrow.

At seal level, Twilight's Edge, is a very Zen- like above water landscape of rocks, trees, sculptures and structures, are shown in the top four photographs.  These are set to the recommended light setting for the sim, which is a rich sienna brown. The monochramality of the light does a good job in unifying the diverse elements.

To visit Twilight's Edge (sea level):

The lush underwater garden has moving jellyfish-like plants which are hypnotic -- perfect for capturing that spare mermaid of mermen (which occasionally can be found here) for a tasty snack. The lower four photographs showing the underwater area were taken to a bright Windlight Sky "Analutetia-Avatar Opt" setting. You can visit this though a square-shaped entrance in the surface above or through the SLurl listed below.

To visit the underwater garden:

Starlight is highly recommended and well worth a visit. Check back here tomorrow for my review of the rest of this destination, I give you the SLurl's below if you would like a sneak preview:

Whale Song:

Midnight Orchid:

Ziki Questi's has an excellent review of Starfall which you can see here:

Starfall's Underwater Garden

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