Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fashion and Styling: Ryce Models Gaylord Damour's New Man Clothing

Ryce Models Gaylord's Eagle Tattoo 

I like Gaylord Damour's clothes. Gaylord is from Paris and his clothes show a flair and elan that is fun and sexy.

Ryce first models Gaylord's Studio Art Gallery Outfit. It includes a Mesh Jacket in 5 sizes jeans, buckle, shoes, white socks, alpha feet and alpha torso and is priced at  350 Linden. The applique trim on the jacket and pants is highly detailed and very well done at a high texture rendition level.

Ryce also models Gaylord's White Leather Jeans outfit with belt buckle, tshirt, sports shoes for 250 Linden.

Ryce can also be seen wearing Gaylord's Eagle Tattoo which contains chest, rear, and arms Eagles and U.S.A. flags in a classic design for 100 Linden.

Jacket Applique is rich and well detailed

All of Gaylord's items are non-transfer.  He makes shirts and other outfits for as low as 50 Linden.

Gaylord's main New Man store can be found at the following location:

Gaylord's Studio and Art Gallery can be found here:

New Man outfits include sports shoes and socks


Ryce models Gaylord's New Man White Leather Jeans outfit with belt buckle, tshirt, sports shoes for 250 Linden.

Gaylord's Eagle Chest, Arms, and Back Tattoo (not separates, you wear all elements) sells for 100 Linden. The coloring and transparent texture are very realistic and well done.


  1. Ryce tells me he is the lucky one by far! Both you guys seem very happy to me :)


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