Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blue Mars: IDIA Lab Virtual Stonehenge Featured On The History Channel

Roger, my Blue Mars Avatar, Views the Rising Sun on the Summer Solstice at Virtual Stonehenge

Blue Mars, the virtual world that stopped commercial development of its pc platform in January 2011, announced that future development rights were given to IDIA Lab of Ball State University
in February 2012.  It took two years to see some tangible results from this. Last month, I wrote about the impressive virtualization of the ancient Pantheon in Rome that was launched. A second virtualization, that of ancient Stonehenge, was also unveiled last month. It was also featured on the History Channel series "The Universe" to show how ancient Britons used it an an advanced astronomical observatory almost 5,000 years ago. You can visit both virtualizations, and some original Blue Mars attractions such as New Venice, by opening an account and creating an avatar, I give links for doing so further down in this article.

A View Of Stonehenge - How It Looks Today.  My avatar Roger stands in front of the build. 

To find our more about Stonehenge:

To find our more about the IDIA Lab Stonehenge Project:

History Channel Website with information on broadcast of the Stonehenge Project (last listing in series):

IDIA Lab Youtube Channel:

To find our more about the IDIA Lab Virtual Pantheon in Blue Mars:

Blue Mars Web Site:

The Same View of Stonehenge in Ancient Times 

To visit Virtual Stonehenge:

First step, create an account
(note: I found Blue Mars is relatively easy to master and navigate).

Secondly, download client (note: Windows only)

Lastly, visit Virtual Stonehenge:

Virtual Stonehenge at Night

Informal Menus (in lower right corner of screen) Interact with and education website

Delve deeper into the brilliant form and construction of Stonehenge's ancient plans almost 5,000 years ago

IDIA Lab videos on their You Tube Channel show

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