Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Todd Eager at Spurt Beach

Great Second Life Art Installations: The Zen-Like Simplicity of Starfall Part 2

Whalesong at Starfall
The Starfall art installation has four components.  I reviewed two components here yesterday-- Twilight, a very Zen- like above water landscape of rocks, trees, sculptures, and structures at sea level, and a lush underwater garden. You can see my review here:

Two other components, two gorgeous high-altitude fantasies are located in spheres high above sea levelm are reviewed here today.

I used  a bright Windlight Sky setting, "Analutetia-Avatar Opt", to take these images.

"Whale Song", which is show in the top four photos, can be reached via a ladder teleport at the ground level, or through the SLurl given below. It is very much a personal fantasy, centered on two illuminated blue whales high up in the sky, and several romantic sky islands which have couple cuddle animations. Stars twinkle, light rays shine, and great atmospheric music plays in the background. I particularly liked the revolving sheep which I show in the animated GIF below.

To visit Whale Song

Midnight Orchard is a stylized venue in which a white grand piano can be played. Moving orchard-like plants, which I show in the animated GIF below, and similar to the ones which can be found underwater, sway to the beat of the music. There are less elements to view than Whale Song, which makes this a refreshing place to visit after you have visited all four parts of Starfall, which I highly recommend that you visit.

To visit Midnight Orchid:

Here are the SLurl's to the rest of Starfall that I reviewed here yesterday:

Twilight's Edge (sea level):

The Underwater Garden:

To see Ziki Questi's excellent review and photography of Starfall:

Midnight Orchard at Starfall

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installations: The Zen-Like Simplicity of Starfall- Part 1

Twilight at Starfal

The Starfall art installation has four components.  I review the first two components, a harmonious ground level landscape and lush underwater garden today.  The other two components, two gorgeous high-altitude fantasies which are located in spheres will be reviewed here tomorrow.

At seal level, Twilight's Edge, is a very Zen- like above water landscape of rocks, trees, sculptures and structures, are shown in the top four photographs.  These are set to the recommended light setting for the sim, which is a rich sienna brown. The monochramality of the light does a good job in unifying the diverse elements.

To visit Twilight's Edge (sea level):

The lush underwater garden has moving jellyfish-like plants which are hypnotic -- perfect for capturing that spare mermaid of mermen (which occasionally can be found here) for a tasty snack. The lower four photographs showing the underwater area were taken to a bright Windlight Sky "Analutetia-Avatar Opt" setting. You can visit this though a square-shaped entrance in the surface above or through the SLurl listed below.

To visit the underwater garden:

Starlight is highly recommended and well worth a visit. Check back here tomorrow for my review of the rest of this destination, I give you the SLurl's below if you would like a sneak preview:

Whale Song:

Midnight Orchid:

Ziki Questi's has an excellent review of Starfall which you can see here:

Starfall's Underwater Garden

Monday, April 28, 2014

Avatar Hunk of the Day: Paul VanHelsing-Corbeaux

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Triathlon Competitor, Model, and Fitness Guru Jonathan Hippensteel

Handsome Jonathan Hippensteel, from Louisville, Kentucky in the United States,  is a competitive triathlete and  fitness guru. He is also building his modeling career and is represented by Chose Models in Chicago. His dimensions are as follows:

Height:  6'2.5"
Suit:  41
Shirt:   15.5
Sleeve:  35
Waist:   32
Inseam:  34
Shoe:  13





Chose Model Management:

You Tube:

For photographs of other Real Life Hunks (scroll down):

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Event Photography: The 24-Hour DJ Marathon at Spurt Beach Benefitting Second Pride -- From Earlier Today

I took these photographs at the end of the event today. DJ Ralphy was spinning.

 There is more photography over at Ryce's blog including panoramic images that I cannot show here because this blog does not have a mature rating (Warning, viewers 18 and over please):

To find out more about Second Pride: