Monday, March 17, 2014

Second Life Arts Scene: Ohsoleomio Opens at The Deezuls’ Artist Program

Ohsoleomio at the Deezul's Artist Program

I visited Ohsoleomio's opening at the Deezul's Artist Program this afternoon. I like her works, which are made with Painter 11 and imported into Second Life. The graphics and color usage in her images point to a spontaneity of design that showcases her great creative talents. I show some of her works here.

Liza and Orion Deezul's Artist Programs allows artists the chance to showcase their work, and keep 100% of all profits, in a large scale gallery setting.  Artists interested in having their work considered for exhibition should contact Lisa Deezul in Second Life or at

I enjoyed visiting Ohsoleomio's opening and highly recommend a visit to anyone who likes great contemporary art. The exhibit will last through next Sunday, March 23.


Eddi on top of one of Ohsoleomio's works

The Deezul's Exhibition Space

Orion Deezul, Ohsoleomio, Eddi Haskell, and Lisa Deezul, 

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  1. I attended Ohsoleomio's opening and was highly entertained with her artwork. This girl has talent in the abstract. So if you like good art be sure to go see her exhibit. I loved it. Jack


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