Friday, March 21, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Mysterious Bayou, Cajun Country in Second Life

I found the Bayou to be one of the most mysterious and evocative sims in Second Life. The fog and mist hang over the densely wooded swampland make for a very mysterious environment. The Bayou refers to the swampland at the mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisiana and in other low-lying swampy areas of the United States, including parts of the Florida Everglades and the Texas coast around Houston. However, this Bayou is very much reminiscent of Cajun country in Louisiana, the area where French speaking Canadians were exiled when the British took over New France, or French Canada, in the late 1600's. The Bayou is very well done and highly recommended for a visit.

To Visit:

To see Ziki Questi's excellent photography head over to her blog:

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