Thursday, March 6, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Pines at Jacob's Pond, A Very Charming and Relaxing Destination

Dacotah Longfall's creation, The Pine's at Jacob's Pond, is a very charming and relaxing destination. The mass plantings of trees and flowering plants, which give this destination so much of its springtime character, are naturally done without any repetitive symmetry Every turn brings a new charm, whether its the flying lanterns over the tree-lined pond or the company of horses in a fenced in coastal field. I highly recommend this destination to anyone who wants an early break from the cold Northern Hemisphere winter

All photography except for the bottom three were taken with Windlight Sky Setting Strawberry Singh Dot Com Original.

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To see additional  blog coverage and photography:

Ryce visits with sim designer Dacotah Longfall (Holly)

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