Saturday, March 22, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Pilgrims Dawn, Available for Visiting for One Week Only

Bowie Zeplin's The Pilgrim's Dawn, a stunning pastoral landscape, will reportedly be up for only another week or so. This is simply a gorgeous destination reminiscent of the fjord-type landscapes of Norway or the South Island of New Zealand. One thing noteworthy about Bowie's design is a high level of realism due to the absence of much symmetry. It is very difficult to avoid symmetry in Second Life architecture and landscape design simply because the prim system, by itself, favors repetition. Viewing The Pilgrim's Dawn yields surprises at every corner simply because Bowie's design is so natural and fresh. I highly recommend this destination for a visit but you need to try to see this place by this Friday.

I took all photographs with Windlight Sky Setting Places- Pathfiner. Only afterwards did I realize how much my pinkish early morning light settings resembled those that were used at the prior iteration of this sim, Pangloss. If you look at Ziki Questi's and Honour McMillan's photography of this destination you will see that they used cooler light tones.

To visit:


Other reviews and photography of The Pilgrim's Progress can be found at:

Honour McMillan's  Blog:

Ziki Questi's Blog::

To see how this sim looked up until very recently as Pangloss, one of Second Life's most heralded destinations:

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