Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Adonis Heights, A Strikingly Modern and Well Designed City With A Great Transit System

Adonis Heights, a Second Life City which is the vision of CEO Daemyn Parx, impressed me as one of the best designed and most realistically modern cities in Second Life. I was particularly blown away by the working and realistic light rail transit system which transits the city with a working underground main station. The build reminded me of a very modern university campus with some nice classical touches. Neighboring Rockridge Heights complements Adonis Heights by offering a stand-alone homes in a wooded setting,  Both sims had parcels and apartments available for rent for those who are interested.

This place is highly recommended to anyone who wants to check out one of the best designed modern residential sims in Second Life, including anyone interested in what has to be Second Life's
most realistic and attractive transit system.

To visit:

To find out more about Adonis Heights:

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  1. Thank you Eddi! Adonis Heights want to encourage creators out there to continue building a sim that will inspire the gridwide residents! Welcome home to Adonis!


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