Saturday, March 29, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installations: Living Architecture at Blueprint City

Alpha Auer's Blueprint City is an art installation on the Alphatribe sim, which retails some very imaginative cyberart avatars all done with a major amount of wit and humor. Blueprint city is a sim-size field of very simple shapes with some amazing blueprints from 400 years of architecture used as exterior textures. The effect, together with the recommended Windlight Sky setting, is magical. Sunrays shine on reflective shapes and get you thinking about the core basis of architectural construction.  Highly recommended for a visit -- make sure to check out the other levels (through the teleports).

All photography set to the recommended Windlight Sky setting for the sim. I applied very little processing to these images.

To visit:

To see some excellent photography and a very good review of the exhibit head over to Ziki Questi's blog:

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