Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Great Art Installations: Insanity by Cherry Manga

The great Second Life multimedia artist Cherry Manga (see my reviews of her some of her other works over the past two years below) has scored again with a frightening work called "Insanity". Parts of the exhibit move and shift shapes, what you think may actually be permanent may just be an illusion. The expressions and physicality of the sculptures reminded me of those old photographs of what people looked like in the past when they were locked up in psychiatric hospitals before modern and humane forms of treatment took hold.  I found this exhibit quite upsetting, and mesmerizing at the same time, and highly recommend that you visit.

All photography taken with the programmed Windlight settings used on the sim.

Insanity will be available to visit through the middle of May 2014 at the following location:

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Machinima by artist Cherry Manga

See more of her works here over on her You Tube Channel:

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