Monday, March 31, 2014

The Eiffel Tower is 125 Years Old Today

The Eiffel Tower is 125 years old today. This symbol of Paris was opened 125 years ago for the great Exposition Universelle (World's Fair) which opened that year to celebrate the opening of the French Revolution.

There is a great Eiffel Tower to visit in Second Life in Paris 1900. I like the one that Regi Yifu built -- I believe for a fashion event-- which I photographed for his and Ty Yifu's New Year's party also held there this past January, photographs of which I show here.

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Fitness Guru, Personal Trainer, and Model Max Philisaire

33 year old  Max Philisaire is one of the best known fitness gurus and personal trainers in the United States. His media exposure includes appearances on television in  "America's Got Talent", Style Network's "How Do I Look" and Spike TV’s, “Deadliest Warrior”, and many magazine covers and fitness product ads. His cut body, smooth skin, and handsome sculpted face are near perfection. Max seems to be concentrating on his Los Angeles based personal training business and other offerings via his web site.





You Tube:

For photographs of other Real Life Hunks (scroll down):

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Solaria at Sunrise

Solaria is a very pretty destination. The village itself is on the sea; reminding me of the seacoast on the far north of Italy on the Adriatic -- near Trieste. Traces of Austrian, Roman, and Venetian architecture can be seen. Solaria has been redesigned somewhat since that last time I did extensive destination photography in August 2012 and no longer occupies an entire sim. However, it still is impressive and  is well worth a visit.

I used (TOR) - Sunrise Tortoise Isle Windlight Sky Setting to take these images.

To visit:

To see my other photography from this destination using a brighter daytime:

Event Photography: Benja & Ryce's First Anniversary Party

It was a great event -- with over 70 of you showing up throughout the night despite some SL problems at the time.  Benja, and myself want to thank all of you for showing up and making our anniversaires so memorable.