Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Surreal Complex Closes On March 2 -- Salvador Dali and Harry Potter Fans Take Note

The Surreal Complex shopping event is open for one more week through March 2, 2014.  I thought it was very well done, and an art exhibit in itself. Any fan of that great Catalan artist, Salvador Dali, should check out the complex just to see how all this Second Life creativity fits en masse into one of three well designed themes -- Arts, Fairy Tales, and Dreams. There are also nice freebies that are being given away such as the framed art on the easel shown in the last photograph of the Arts Room below.  The rest of the items do not seem very expensive, but tended to concentrate on fashion for the ladies.

Arrivals Area
You arrive in the arrivals area, where you are given the choice of visiting The Surreal Complex or Harry Potter themed Havendale Village, the home of a very large and well done Quidditch Stadium, where competitive Second Life matches are held. You can pick up a Quidditch kit at the stadium, and ride a well animated broom through the Quidditch hoops. I did not know about Havendale Village before, and plan to come back at a future time for a more complete photo shoot.

Quidditch Stadium in Havendale Village

If you decide to continue and see the Surreal Complex, you continue along the marked path in arrivals, where you are given the choice of teleporting to one of three rooms which are both art exhibit and retail areas. I show two photographs from each "room" below. There is much to see (and purchase if you are so inclined). I was reminded of the surreal movie set that Salvador Dali designed for the the dream sequence in the great Alfred Hitchcock movie Spellbound (you can see the film sequence here).

Teleport Area on Arrivals Level
This is a very interesting exhibit, and open for one more week. I recommend a visit.  And all Harry Potter fans need to take their turn at playing Quidditch on a broom.

To visit the Surreal Complex:

To visit Havendale Village (The Quidditch Stadium and Harry Potter):

To find out more:

Arts Room

Fairy Tales Room

Dreams Room

Havendale Village

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