Monday, February 24, 2014

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Bel Ami Star Jim Kerouac

Meet yet another of Bel Ami Studio's gorgeous central European adult superstars - Jim Kerouac. He is the third Bel Ami actor I have awards real life hunk of the week to in the past year and joins Mick Lovell and Dolph Lambert for that distinction. Bel Ami recently proclaimed him "Mr. Perfect". Jim assumes top roles, and likes to take charge of his subject matter. He likes to keep in shape through "natural weightlifting", which I assume means lifting stones, rocks, and smaller Bel Ami superstar Kevin Warhol of which he has made many movies. Those who are interested can easily find a plethora of Mick's adult photographs and videos through an adult search.




To see more photography of Jim:

For photographs of other Real Life Hunks (scroll down):

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