Saturday, February 15, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: Toru Enchanted Forest, A Fantasy Woodland Reminiscent of New Zealand

Wayne NZ changed his excellent builds on his Toru sim on a regular basis. The last build of his builds that I reviewed in January 2014 was Toru D3, a futuristic build which showed what future habitats might look like in the age of global warming. Toru Enchanted Forest reminded me very much of New Zealand, particularly the South island with its dramatic fjords and dense woodlands shrouded in grey mist. I took the liberty of peering into the magnificent home to see where some very stylish denizens of the woodland forests might reside. The bridges, magical flora and fauna, and simply incredible design of this great sim make it a highly recommended and must-visit destination.

To visit:

To see Ziki Questi's review and excellent photography


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