Thursday, February 27, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Brunel Hall Hotel and Muirsheen Durkin Bar & Restaurant

All I can say about the Brunel Hotel Complex is that I was truly amazed and impressed. I have always liked New Babbage, one of Second Life's great Steampunk destinations, and was surprised I have not noticed this structure earlier.  New Babbage is roleplay optional, you will not need to change to period clothes or talk like a victorian to walk around. The  Academy of Industry region of New Babbage is one of the newest areas and has some of the best designed Victorian era structures anywhere on the grid.

The hotel is divided into four main areas:

  • The entrance hall which has ongoing informational exhibits
  • A very large swimming pool and tub area to the left of the arrival hall. Benja and I can be seeing enoying the spa below. 
  • Rooms for rental in the hotel. 
  • The main hall which contains seating areas, placed to dance, a very realistic bar, and the Muirsheen Durkin Restaurant. This is a self service restaurant, no role playing waiter hovers over you looking for a tip. You select what  you want to eat on the plates in front of you. 

The entire bar and restaurant room is large enough to hold wedding receptions, rez day parties and any other large gatherings.  For more info on booking the bar and restaurant room contact Victor1st Mornington.

I highly recommendation this destination for a visit. It is also quite romantic and a great place to being a date.


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