Friday, February 28, 2014

Great Second Life Art Installations: Bryn Oh's Dark Vision "The Singularity of Kumiko"

"The Singularity of Kumiko" by the celebrated Second Life artist  Bryn Oh follows a successful formula she has used before for  multimedia exhibits including Anna's Many Murders and Virginia Alone. Something eventful has happened to a female protagonist, and the viewer explore a mysterious landscape to complete the story. Sound and light are integral parts of her exhibits, and contribute to the dark atmosphere which her psychological (and in many cases psychotic) tales require. "The Singularity of Kumiko" is fascinating, and will hold your interest as you explore, Highly recommended.

To visit:

Specifics of the Exhibit:

You will need to be patient to see this  multimedia exhibit properly. It is all part of the "fun".

Make sure to follow the instructions as you enter and install the correct Windlight settings on your computer- given as you enter.

The final light is very dark. You will need to grab and wear a headlight at the table to the left of the entrance door (there are three)  to see properly.

Type the word "open" in chat to enter the red door to open the exhibit.

The exhibit only allows 15 people in at a time to reduce lag.

Make sure your master volume is set high enough to hear the sounds associated with the exhibit.

You may be "killed" by Mr. Zipper  and be sent home. You will have to teleport back to the exhibit if this happens. I was killed three times.


Bryn Oh's Description of the Exhibit:

Bryn Oh's Blog:

Bryn Oh's You Tube Channel:

To see additional blog coverage and photography of  "The Singularity of Kumiko":

Bryn Oh produced this introductory machinima to the installation:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Brunel Hall Hotel and Muirsheen Durkin Bar & Restaurant

All I can say about the Brunel Hotel Complex is that I was truly amazed and impressed. I have always liked New Babbage, one of Second Life's great Steampunk destinations, and was surprised I have not noticed this structure earlier.  New Babbage is roleplay optional, you will not need to change to period clothes or talk like a victorian to walk around. The  Academy of Industry region of New Babbage is one of the newest areas and has some of the best designed Victorian era structures anywhere on the grid.

The hotel is divided into four main areas:

  • The entrance hall which has ongoing informational exhibits
  • A very large swimming pool and tub area to the left of the arrival hall. Benja and I can be seeing enoying the spa below. 
  • Rooms for rental in the hotel. 
  • The main hall which contains seating areas, placed to dance, a very realistic bar, and the Muirsheen Durkin Restaurant. This is a self service restaurant, no role playing waiter hovers over you looking for a tip. You select what  you want to eat on the plates in front of you. 

The entire bar and restaurant room is large enough to hold wedding receptions, rez day parties and any other large gatherings.  For more info on booking the bar and restaurant room contact Victor1st Mornington.

I highly recommendation this destination for a visit. It is also quite romantic and a great place to being a date.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Crystal Oak Falls, Great Design on 1/6 of a Sim.

Melinda Palianta's Crystal Oak Falls shows that you do not need an entire sim to come up with inspirational and spacious design. This entire build is 11,264 square meters, about 1/6 of a sim.  The entire parcel, and the main house, are open for visiting. The design is based on oriental and "country" pre-made structures, what makes Crystal Falls so delightful is the landscaping, waterfalls, and plantings which work so well together. I found myself coming back here to relax, I highly recommend it for a visit, especially in its springtime bloom.

To visit:

See great photography of this destination at:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ryce Skytower and MizB Win the Pajama Party at Gay Fun World

Ryce took his top off halfway through the event.  He and MizB shared first place with a tie vote.

The Surreal Complex Closes On March 2 -- Salvador Dali and Harry Potter Fans Take Note

The Surreal Complex shopping event is open for one more week through March 2, 2014.  I thought it was very well done, and an art exhibit in itself. Any fan of that great Catalan artist, Salvador Dali, should check out the complex just to see how all this Second Life creativity fits en masse into one of three well designed themes -- Arts, Fairy Tales, and Dreams. There are also nice freebies that are being given away such as the framed art on the easel shown in the last photograph of the Arts Room below.  The rest of the items do not seem very expensive, but tended to concentrate on fashion for the ladies.

Arrivals Area
You arrive in the arrivals area, where you are given the choice of visiting The Surreal Complex or Harry Potter themed Havendale Village, the home of a very large and well done Quidditch Stadium, where competitive Second Life matches are held. You can pick up a Quidditch kit at the stadium, and ride a well animated broom through the Quidditch hoops. I did not know about Havendale Village before, and plan to come back at a future time for a more complete photo shoot.

Quidditch Stadium in Havendale Village

If you decide to continue and see the Surreal Complex, you continue along the marked path in arrivals, where you are given the choice of teleporting to one of three rooms which are both art exhibit and retail areas. I show two photographs from each "room" below. There is much to see (and purchase if you are so inclined). I was reminded of the surreal movie set that Salvador Dali designed for the the dream sequence in the great Alfred Hitchcock movie Spellbound (you can see the film sequence here).

Teleport Area on Arrivals Level
This is a very interesting exhibit, and open for one more week. I recommend a visit.  And all Harry Potter fans need to take their turn at playing Quidditch on a broom.

To visit the Surreal Complex:

To visit Havendale Village (The Quidditch Stadium and Harry Potter):

To find out more:

Arts Room

Fairy Tales Room

Dreams Room

Havendale Village

Monday, February 24, 2014

Avatar Hunk of the Day:Blogger NakedCarl Paneer

Photographed at The Manhole at Gay Fun World on Monday night. Make sure to check Carl's blog out here:

Galleries: : Ziki Questi Reviews Joseph Nussbaum Playing Cards

From Ziki Questi's Blog

Ziki Questi covers Joseph Nussbaum's playing cards exhibit at Jaopedro Oh's Gallery Assis.

To read more:
Ziki Questi's Blog: Playing Cards (maybe nsfw):

To visit the exhibit:

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Bel Ami Star Jim Kerouac

Meet yet another of Bel Ami Studio's gorgeous central European adult superstars - Jim Kerouac. He is the third Bel Ami actor I have awards real life hunk of the week to in the past year and joins Mick Lovell and Dolph Lambert for that distinction. Bel Ami recently proclaimed him "Mr. Perfect". Jim assumes top roles, and likes to take charge of his subject matter. He likes to keep in shape through "natural weightlifting", which I assume means lifting stones, rocks, and smaller Bel Ami superstar Kevin Warhol of which he has made many movies. Those who are interested can easily find a plethora of Mick's adult photographs and videos through an adult search.




To see more photography of Jim:

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