Friday, January 31, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: The Three Stages of Morpheus

Eddi relaxes in the Nature part of the exhibit. 
Osferatus Roussel's Morpheus is a dreamlike vision of three realms. You arrive in the sky, set up high in the night sky with spinning comets and whirling lights. You then teleport to two realms- Nature and Darkness. Nature is a vision of a peasant's farmhouse with a very friendly cow you you can be photographed with. The
farmhouse has furniture which you can interact with.  You finally teleport to a strange Darkness realm, where you are invited to sit around a fire and drink (as I am doing below) or visit a very scary looking ogre who has already killed one of his visitors. A very cool destination, and highly recommended for a visit.


Quan Lavender has a great review and more photography of Morpheus over at her blog:

The three parts of Morpheus are shown below:

Sky (the arrival area).  The two doors in the image immediately below teleport you to the Nature and Darkness realms.



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