Thursday, January 30, 2014

Great Second Life Destinations: RiTai East and RiTai Dreamland, The World of Artist Bryn Oh

The great Second Life sculptor and multimedia artist has two bordering sims for you to visit. The first,
RiTai Dreamland, is co-owned and built together with Tai (taishatai). I took the top 5 photographs at this location. The bordering sim RiTai East, is shown on the lower part of this arrticle.

RiTai Dreamland delights with flying objects such as a giant Blue Whale, sculptures such as the mermaid shown below, a gorgeous house which servers as a gallery, and an innovative club dance floor. The entire layout is set on a lush multilevel island with interesting twists and turns. I highly recommend a visit.

To visit: RiTai Dreamland


Bryn Oh Blogs At:

Bryn Oh's You Tube Channel:

Inara Pey has a review and great photography of RiTai Dremaland over at her blog:


The images below were taken at RiTai East. Enter the doors below to see the collection of Bryn Oh's
Bryn Oh's "Curiosities and Oddities". Bryn Oh is displaying artifacts from some of his famous multimedia exhibits such as Anna's Many Murders. Enter the doors that are built into the hillside as you arrive to see the stationary and animated sculpture.

To visit RiTai East

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