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Ask Eddi: What Advice Can You Give To Others After Being a Second Life Resident For 7 years?

Eddi Visits Paris 1900

Dear Eddi:

What advice can you share with others after being a Second Life Resident for so long?  

Curious in New York

Dear Curious Reader:

Today is my Seventh Rez day. Here are 7 things that I have learned over the years:

1. Watch the harmful effects of Second Life addiction. Many new residents get carried away.  If you find yourself not eating properly, hurting your real world relationship with people by not spending as much time as you have, spending hours on end in a chair inworld without getting up and stretching your legs every two hours to protect your health, or having problems at work by accessing Second Life when you should not be, you have a problem.

2. You have no idea who the real person behind and Second Life resident actually is unless you have met person, or have other direct knowledge of who this person is. For example, say you meet Madonna here and she verifies that she has met you on her blog or something like this. There is a reverse side to this. I know one of the most famous Science Fiction authors in the world is a Second Life Resident -- I am sworn to secrecy and will never reveal who this person is, since Second Life allows this person to relax and not have be their famous real world self all the time.

3. There is no such thing as a Second Life secret. In the world of instantaneous IM's, and virtual avatars, there are very few people who can keep a secret in Second Life. I will say that I do, but even then I can find myself saying something that I should not inadvertently. Be very careful about who you share information with, and when you share real life information about yourself, realize that there are some very malicious people out there. I have even heard of blackmail cases in Second Life.  On a similar note, make sure your account password contains both letters and numbers, is not obvious, and update it every year.

4. Anyone can look fantastic in Second Life; beauty should not be skin deep. However, few have the talent to look great without some outside help from professional Second Life designers. I owe my looks as Eddi to Zim Gunsburg of Agape Shapes who helped me redesign and update myself in late 2012. Other friends like Billy Baylock help me when recommending what clothes to look at for purchase. Make sure to get expert help in order to look great. And nothing will make you look more outdated than an old skin, make sure yours is up to date. And guys -- most male avatars have legs that are too long and heads that are too small for their bodies. Make sure you are in proportion if your shape is mod.

5. You are never going to get rich in Second Life. You probably cannot make a full time living out of being here either. The days or making a fortune in real estate, gambling, or running a rigged "pay for votes" beauty contest ended about 6 years ago. You might be able if you are really good to make a good sum being a Top DJ, Clothing or Skin Designer, or even an escort -- but if you think you are going to make a killing here the odds are against you.

6. Alts (Second Accounts) are not intrinsically evil, and the majority of long-term residents have at least one - but use this properly. I have an alt Ryce, of course, who I freely publicize in my profile and in my blog.  I use Ryce as my primary inworld persona since he allows me to relax with my partner Benja and not be concerned with business issues.  Eddi is my blogging and presence in Second Life when I perform weddings as a minister. Most people who have been in Second Life for a while have an alt simply because it is safer to store a large amount of inventory with more than once account, and there is no extra charge for having multiple accounts. Other uses for an alt or  include storing large amounts of funds, or having a backup in case your primary account is locked out Second Life due to a temporary glitch. The problems come when alts are kept secret and are used to deceive people for unethical purposes such as spying on others.

7. The next time someone criticizes you about spending time in Second Life, talk about all the good that happens here. For example. several million real life dollars (I estimate over $3 million US dollars per annum) are raised for great purposes like American Cancer Society Relay for Life. Second Life is a fantastic educational platform; Texas A & M University has used this platform to train their nursing students in arbitrage for example. I have performed weddings here as Reverend Eddi for real life same-sex couples who cannot get married in their home states or countries; their vows can be just as strong as those in real life. Many residents are handicapped, or simply do not have the time to socialize inworld like they can here. Second Life is a wonderful place, and I think my 7 years here have done myself a great deal of good.

And that, readers, is my advice for today.

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  1. Dear Eddi,

    Can I just say you're amazing? Oh I did? Ok then... you're amazing :)

  2. Happy belated congratulations my friend and mentor in blogging, dear Eddi!

    And, quoting gaileep, "Can I just say you are amazing? Oh I did? OK then... you're amazing ;)" Truer words were never spoken! ;)

  3. Great Post Eddi. All SLers should take note and read them. :)

  4. Great post. Many SL residents should read these.


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