Thursday, December 5, 2013

Masterwork Machinima: The Faerie Trees by Celestial Elf

Celestial Elf continues his series of environmental and mystical Celtic machinima. The Faerie Trees, according to Druid legend, are inhabited by spirits. Cut them down at your own peril.

To see Celestial Elf's other videos about Second Life:

Description by Celestial Elf:

Britain's trees are under unprecedented threat from new pests and diseases. We are asking people to help us identify trees that might have problems - particularly ash, oak, horse chestnut, pine or spruce trees - so we can find out more or take appropriate action. ( )

Oak, Ash, and Thorn - These three trees are called the Faerie Triad because groves which include all three of these trees are places where you can see the faeries. All three are Druid sacred trees and part of the Celtic Tree Calendar which is a Lunar Calendar of 13 months, each 28 days in length. Each month of the Celtic Lunar calendar bears the name of a tree, which also stands for one of the consonants in the Celtic 'tree alphabet'. It is terribly bad luck to cut down a faerie tree or damage it in any way, as it is said that you will never know a good nights sleep again for the rest of your life.


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