Friday, December 6, 2013

Great Second Life Destinations for the Winter Holidays: Christmas in Tromso Norway

The winter holidays are a  great time to visit Jimmy Warbaum's pretty Tromso sim, which I have reviewed and photographed several times in the past year (see links below),  Tromso is Norway's northernmost city, and only one of two major Urban canters north of the Arctic Circle. The skies of Tromso are controlled by Jimmy's realistic light settings, so make sure you have your skies set to local when you visit.


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My other photography and and articles on Tromso can be found at:

The Northern Lights at Tromso and the Tromso Transit System:

The Tromso Library (top photo):

Tromso in the Spring:

Tromso in the Winter:

To see my series on the famous Tromso Arctic Cathedral (next photo down):

Tromso in Autumn:

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