Thursday, November 28, 2013

Today is Thanksgiving - We Want to Wish All Our Readers in the United States a Very Happy Holiday

Eddi Haskell at a Pilgrim Aboard the Mayflower  in 2011 

We want to wish all our readers in the United States a very happy Thanksgiving Day.

Many people do not know that Thanksgiving, celebrated today in the United States as an important National Holiday, is all about Native Americans helping the first English settlers to New England-- religious refugees called "The Pilgrims" --survive their first winter in 1621. The Pilgrims, who arrived on the sailing ship Mayflower, would not have survived without the kindness of the native Americans through their gifts of food, and knowledge on how to grow and harvest native crops and wildlife.

Freedom From Want
Norman Rockwell's Iconic Painting of Thanksgiving
Published in World War 2

The holiday is celebrated by Americans (and Canadians one month earlier) so that they may give thanks for all they have been given. The most famous hymn of the holiday  is "We Gather Together" and is based on a very old Dutch tune.. It's a beautiful hymn, and you can here it in the video below.

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