Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Must-See Art Exhibtion: Lost Second Life by Ziki Questi

Image Taken from Ziki's Blog

Ziki Questi, who is an excellent Second Life photographer and blogger has just opened an art exhibition called Lost Second Life.  Ziki has sorted through over 15,000 of her photographs taken since her arrival in early 2011 and has produced a very interesting exhibition on great Second Life builds that are no longer open.  Veteran Second Lifers, and new resident, should head over to see what has been lost, and how these builds have inspired current Second Life architecture.

Head on over to the tall exhibit building at the Dryland Gallery which is at the other side of the arrival area (unless it has moved since I took these images of the exhibit on Tuesday) to see her exhibit.  You can touch each image for more information. While you are there, check out the intriguing Dryland sim which I reviewed and photographed earlier this year.

SLurl to the Dryland Gallery:

To find out more about the exhibit:

The Dryland Gallery and view of Dryland sim:


  1. Eddi, thank you so much for visiting! I'm glad you enjoyed the exhibition ... and yes, the sim itself is worth a visit too!

    1. My pleasure Ziki! And it is a wonderful exhibit!


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