Thursday, November 7, 2013

Great Second Life Destinations: Israel Island Celebrates It's first Anniversary - Part 1

Airport Arrivals Terminal

Israel Island in Second Life celebrated it's first birthday on October 27. The Sim is very well done, and is contained on three levels --

A top level for arrivals made to look like Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.
SLurl to airport:

A mid level consisting of a club, stores, and interactive exhibits.

A ground level consisting of replicas of important cities in Israel, the largest and most important part being virtual Jerusalem.  There are some very good builds here, and I will cover these in depth tomorrow.
SLurl to ground level:

Sign Announcing the First Anniversary of Israel Island on the Ground Level. 

Israel Island is worth a visit, but many of you may want to hold out until tomorrow to read my write-up of Virtual Jerusalem, which is a must see destination in Second Life

Second Life Israel has a Facebook page:


A very good replica of an Airbus 380 Double Decker can be found outside the airport arrival terminal.

The airport terminal is very realisitc and one of the best in Second Life. Teleports guide you to destinations around Israel Island,

Mid - Level: Shops, The Zoola Club, A Working Synagogue, and a Conference Center with Interactive Educational Exhibits

The Zoola Club


Conference Center

Interactive Exhibits

The Ground Level -- The Land of Israel, Including the City of Jerusalem- To be Covered in Depth Tomorrow

The Walls of Jerusalem in Second Life

Please note:  I am not going to run political comments here related to the political situation in the Middle East. This blog is not the place for them. You can find other places on the web to run them. I am glad to carry comments about Second Life Israel the destination. 

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