Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Great Second Life Art Exhibits: Kimika Ying's 'Ocenia Planetary Park' @ LEA 27

Note from Eddi:  I take this description directly from the written description of the project used on the parcel . I highly recommend it for a visit before it closes in December.

Kimika Ying presents Oceania Planetary Park, a walking tour of the solar system in an island park setting. Supported by the Linden Endowment for the Arts.

Visitors are invited to hike the mountain trail where they can see and gain an appreciation for the relative sizes of the planets. Other exhibits can be reached from the ground floor of the observatory at the end of the trail.

The park was created as an educational experience but the intent is to inspire a sense of wonder about the universe outside of our home planet.


The central plaza represents the Sun

To find out more about the exhibit:


Blogger and Photographer Ziki Questi has a great review:

The planets, in primary order
(Note some astronomers no longer consider Pluto to be a planet since it's size is smaller than originally thought).

Mercury, closest to the Sun


Earth -- with a green ray showing the distance and size of the Moon

Mars and its Moons

Jupiter, the Giant Plant

Saturn with it's famous rings


Dwarf planet Pluto, and its largest moon, Charon.  Blue Neptune can be seen to it's right
The Observatory:
Communications Satellite
Exhibit showing the true and distance and size of the planets in our solar system
Another exhibit in the observatory shows the gravitational field of the Earth 

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