Thursday, November 28, 2013

Great Black Friday Deal at Dell Alienware - A Great Desktop Computer for Second Life for $587.02

Although I do not need a new computer, I like to look at deals for gaming computers optimal for Second Life.

Alienware, now owned by Dell, is a legendary gaming brand.

This is not a laptop (which I do not like much for gaming)-- this is a small desktop "minitower" which requires a monitor. You can pick one up -- a nicely sized 24 inch one-  for well under $200 to use with this. You will also need a keyboard, mouse, and an extended warranty -- the ones Dell sells are fine. I would pick up a three year warranty for this from either Dell or Square Trade, my favorite independent warranty company (note-  I am not on the referral program and do not earn anything with my recommendations).

You can find my parameters here in an posting I wrote last week:

This Dell Alienware computer is an amazing buy at under $600.00 today:

It fits all my requirements as I outlines here last week. And you still get Windows 7.

You can pay $49.00 to raise your RAM to 8 gigs. I would do this if I were buying this, but you do not need to. It will run SL just fine with 6 Gigs of RAM as long as you are not multitasking or making machinima, or doing things like running two viewers at once.

The all-important Intel CPU (processor) and NVDIA graphics card are highly rated and should do a great job at running Second Life in very high graphics (if you have the bandwidth of course).  Here are the Passmark Benchmarks:


Graphics Card:

There is no shipping charge (regular delivery) but you may need to pay tax.

Take a very serious look at this please. This is an absolute killer purchase at the price from Dell -- with its great service record.

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