Sunday, November 17, 2013

Good News! The Obamacare Health Insurance Marketplace Worked for Me Last Night

I was able to purchase a very good health care plan with Blue Cross of Florida last night on the National Health Insurance Marketplace. I have been trying to do this since October 1, but had success for the first time last night. In fact, the entire process was smooth and fast.

Florida is one of the states which does not have it's own health exchange, so I had to use the national site.
I need to purchase my own health insurance since I am now self-employed.

My new plan costs $21.00 a month more than my old plan but is much, much better. I no longer have caps on what my insurance company will pay in case I need treatment for something. My old plan was not cheap, and was so full of holes they announced that they would no longer be accepting new members for it, and I am glad I do not have to keep it.

Make sure to clear your old viewing history and stop any pop up ad blockers if you have having problems getting the web site to work.  Also this is very important -  if you see things like green rectangles that say "locked", experiment and click them several times to move ahead with your purchase. Unfortunately, the web site is counter-intuitive and difficult to figure out.   The key is to experiment - that is what did it for me.

But all in all, it is good news. And the web site should be up and working for others now if it works for me.

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